The Eternal War


Q2 -Q3 / 2021:

Game research and NFT ✅
Develop ETERNAL WAR market ✅
NFT design ✅
Seed round and private round ✅

January 2022

 Public sale
Sales of NFTs Elemon

Q1 / 2022

Start ETERNAL WARV1 in the web browser
Initiation of idle activities
Game 2.0 development
Launch ranking function
Meta universe game survey

Q2 / 2022

Enable PVP combat
Enable territorial occupation
Start the territory construction and sales
Start the equipment system
Start the mission system
ETERNAL WAR V2 released

Q3 / 2022

 The beginning of the evolutionary system
Event system
ETERNAL WAR V3 released
Start the first stage of VR exploration of smart hardware