The Eternal War

Blockchain and NFTs

The meta-universe includes the information revolution (5G/6G), the Internet revolution (web3.0), the artificial intelligence revolution, and the results of the virtual reality technology revolution including VR, AR, and MR, especially game engines, showing humanity The possibility of constructing a holographic digital world parallel to the traditional physical world; triggered the interaction of information science, quantum science, mathematics and life sciences, and changed the scientific paradigm; promoted breakthroughs in traditional philosophy, sociology and even human science systems; included All digital technologies, including blockchain technology achievements; enrich the digital economy transformation model, integrate DeFi, IPFS, NFT and other digital financial achievements.
From a logical point of view, Metaverse will be a new type of Internet application and social form that integrates multiple new technologies. It provides immersive experience based on expanded reality technology, and generates a mirror image of the real world based on digital twin technology. Build an economic system based on blockchain technology, closely integrate the virtual world and the real world in the economic system, social system, and identity system, and allow each user to perform content production and world editing.
The Eternal War is building a unique virtual world based on the interstellar universe. In this world, the concept of Metaverse is closely integrated with the cryptocurrency economy. The Eternal War is committed to mining the truth of this world to create the second hometown of mankind. At the same time, users can use the platform's main utility token-ETR, which will be used as a medium of exchange in Metaverse. It can be used to buy, sell, trade and create in-game assets and profit from them.
Users of The Eternal War can also participate in the governance of the platform through a decentralized autonomous organization (autonomous organization for water supply), where they can exercise voting rights on the key decisions of The Eternal War ecosystem and can create digital assets ( Also known as non-fungible tokens, NFTs), upload them to the market for free trading.
At the same time, ETR will also be used for the entrance of various fields of Metaverse, for accessing games, parties, entertainment, education, travel in the metaverse, investing in virtual real estate, mining materials in games, and paying other players for services, social experiences and programs. And as currency in the physical world.