The Eternal War

Collect resources

With your own spaceship, you can perform basic mining tasks.
The mining power of the spacecraft determines the mining efficiency of the spacecraft. You can install mining machinery for it to increase its mining efficiency. It is worth noting that every time the spacecraft performs the task of collecting spar, it will damage the durability of the spacecraft.
If you want to get higher mining efficiency, go to a bigger planet, but this often means that you may be attacked by other players or interstellar pirates, fill your armor space and weapon space, he will not Increase your mining efficiency, but will make you safer when collecting spar.
When the spacecraft's storage space is full, the spacecraft will automatically return to the base. You can choose to re-execute the task of collecting spar, but the spacecraft cannot automatically perform the task. When the spacecraft is attacked during the process of collecting spar, it will automatically stop collecting spar , Once the battle fails, you will lose 50% of the spar in the storage space and return to the base.
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