The Eternal War



You can form a team with other players to complete the missions of collecting spar, attacking other players to plunder spar, or attacking other planets.
Form a team to fight, the spacecraft will have additional attack power and defense power bonuses. For each additional spacecraft, the attack power and defense power will be increased by 2%, and the maximum bonus rate is 10%.
Form a team to collect spar, and the rewards will be settled separately. The rewards for attacking the enemy spaceship or the team will be distributed proportionally according to the attack value of each spaceship in the team.


When you are not within the sphere of influence of the galaxy, you may be attacked by other players.
If the battle fails, you will lose 50% of the spar in the space of your spacecraft. If you win the battle, you will get 30% of the spar in the space of the opponent's spacecraft, but not higher than the remaining space in your own internal space. If there is no spar in the internal space, the winner has no reward.
If the battle fails, the durability of the spacecraft will return to zero, and the spacecraft will be forced to return to the base to enter the repair process.