The Eternal War

Territory and construction

The Eternal War is divided into galaxies, stars, and land. The stars and land are virtual tokens supported by the blockchain (ERC-1155 and ERC-721 of NFTs), which are expressed as physical packages of The Eternal War meta-universe. The stars and land allow players to own a part of the meta-universe, so that they can host content assets. When the user trusts them to the central smart contract, the stars and land will be able to be constructed.
In addition to collecting the NFTs, the players occupying the NFTs can pledge them to the central contract of the platform, and build factories, commerce, properties, etc. to obtain more substantial benefits.
At the same time, the persistent map determines the player's specific land coordinates. In most blockchain games, the player's NFT is sold like real estate. The specific location of the NFT is crucial because it will determine who and what is next to you. Similarly, in The Eternal War, planets and lands need to be continuously explored, occupied, and obtained by battle. Their positions are initially determined on the map and cannot be moved from one coordinate on the universe map to another. This structure has several advantages:
A. Players can unite the land through agents and create a larger game space with or near friends;
B. Friends can cooperate to create these larger experiences, and share the rewards (whether economically, purely socially or artistically) by creating experiences together on the joint land.
Through a joint land, players can also get financial incentives. For example, if several players unite together, they can create a "business center" experience. Each member focuses on a key attraction, or members can focus on different communities to create a "city" experience together. In each case, the team’s efforts can allow players to cooperate to create a stronger motivation to visit and enjoy their creation-and more visits or generation will bring more benefits.
Yes, a player can maintain the income of all stars or land with one star or land. But the combination of larger and more diverse lands can increase financial incentive sharing fees. However, there are restrictions on connecting stars or lands together to prevent certain groups from having too much control and power against solo players.


Divided into asteroids, large planets, super planets and S planets, planets within the sphere of influence of the galaxy and planets outside the sphere of influence of the galaxy. Collect Barite spars on the planets within the scope of the galaxy and will not be attacked by other players. Planets of different levels, The number of spacecraft that can accommodate mining is also different. The user can obtain a suitable planet ecology by transforming the planet for construction.
Different planets have different Barite spar content and difficulty in collecting. The larger the planet, the higher the Barite spar content, and the higher the efficiency of collection. However, other players may attack during the collection process. Players can use their own spacecraft. And equipment, go to the planet that suits you to mine Barite spar. If your spacecraft has relatively low attributes and you want to go to the big planet to collect Barite spar, it is a good choice to form a team with other players.
At present, there are 1,200 asteroids that have been proven, which are widely distributed in the entire space system. There are 500 large planets, 240 super large planets, and 80 S planets. The number of spacecraft that can accommodate mining on different planets is also different. Future players will continue to Exploration will allow more galaxies to be explored.
When the planet's spar is mined, the spacecraft for mining on the planet will return automatically, but the planet you occupy can still be built.


If you capture a planet, then this planet will become your territory. On the planet, you can build fortifications to increase its attack and defense power and protect your planet. On it, you can replenish your own. Spaceships, or collection of resources, can charge other players who come, or refuse other players to come. You can even allow only designated players to come.

Plot construction

At the same time, the occupied planets can be transformed and developed. Different planets will have different plots. You need to consume ETR to transform the ecology to activate the plots on the planet for the construction of different buildings. After construction, the plots will generate one NFT belongs to the builder. Both the territory and the stars can be traded freely.
You can also charge other players for coming, or you can refuse other players to come, or even you can only allow designated players to come.