The Eternal War
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Token Economics

Serve as the universal currency of The Eternal War. Players use ETR to create characters and purchase spaceships and various equipment on The Eternal War market. The maximum supply is 15,800,000 pieces. Liquidity will be locked.
Contract address: 0x9DEDD2f81Cc2F6b3B34B8eb430e8cc506650E863
Name: Eternal War
Abbreviation: ETR
Decimal: 8
Network: Binance Smart Chain
Total supply: 15,800,000 pieces
Disclaimer: It is the user's responsibility to send the token NFT under any circumstances to ensure that the sending address is correct. The Eternal War is not responsible for restoring any ETR lost on the blockchain.

ETR source

ETR is an important part of The Eternal War platform. The Eternal War is working to establish key mechanisms to make it closely connected with The Eternal War platform and its value. ETR is an ERC-20 utility token built on the Binance Smart Chain. It serves as the basis for transactions in the sandbox The Eternal War and has the following uses:
● Access to The Eternal War platform: Players spend ETR to play games, purchase equipment, or customize, and they can be collected through the game. Creators spend ETR to obtain assets, territories, equipment, and through the flow of methods. Territory, construction, and war drove the demand for ETR.
● Governance: ETR is a governance token, which enables holders to use a distributed autonomous organization structure to participate in the governance decision-making of the platform. They can exercise voting rights on key elements, such as attributes granted to content and creators, and feature priority on the platform's roadmap. ETR owners can vote by themselves or delegate the voting rights to other players of their choice.
● Construction: ETR construction, which enables more passive gains on the territory: You can obtain more ETR or resources by constructing buildings.
● Charging model: 5% (transaction fees) of all transactions conducted in ETR tokens will be allocated 50% to the liquidity pool as a reward for token holders who pledge ETR tokens for liquidity, and 50% will be given to the "Foundation" ".
● Foundation: The role of the foundation is to support The Eternal War ecosystem and provide funding to encourage high-quality content and game production on the platform. So far, the foundation has funded more than 15 game projects and formed a virtuous circle, which can provide funding for larger games.

What will we do?

We have a strong product roadmap and a top team to execute a strong vision of building a unique virtual world gaming platform. On this platform, players can build, own and monetize their own gaming experience, and spread the power of blockchain as a leading technology in the gaming industry. All of these, combined with our current achievements, have made The Eternal War recognized as the most anticipated blockchain event.
We want to be available to individuals and businesses to increase liquidity and usability. The main purpose is to cooperate with community growth and ecosystem mobility. Regarding the proposed ETR supply, the community of creators and players will need to obtain ETR. We plan to enable the community to use ETR through a controllable supply mechanism, such as purchasing ETR from multiple exchanges. As the number of creators, players, and the number of assets exchanged in the community increase, the demand for ETR in the ecosystem may increase. Therefore, when the total supply of ETR is fixed, the amount of ETR initially provided will have a scarcity effect, reducing the per capita available ETR, thereby promoting demand.