The Eternal War


Users can collect resources on it, or they can transform the planet to obtain a suitable planet ecology for construction.
Divided into asteroids, large planets, super large planets and S planets There are planets in the sphere of influence of the galaxy and planets outside the sphere of influence of the galaxy. Collecting Barite spars on the planets in the galaxy will not be attacked by other players. Different levels of planets have different numbers of spacecraft that can accommodate mining. The user can obtain a suitable planet ecology by transforming the planet for construction.
Different planets have different Barite spar content and difficulty in collecting. The larger the planet, the higher the Barite spar content, and the higher the efficiency of collection. However, other players may attack during the collection process. Players can use their own spacecraft. And equipment, go to the planet that suits you to mine Barite spar. If your spacecraft has relatively low attributes and you want to go to the big planet to collect Barite spar, it is a good choice to form a team with other players.
At present, there are 1,200 asteroids that have been proven, which are widely distributed in the entire space system. There are 500 large planets, 240 super large planets, and 80 S planets. The number of spacecraft that can accommodate mining on different planets is also different. Future players will continue to Exploration will allow more galaxies to be explored.
When the planet's spar is mined, the spacecraft for mining on the planet will return automatically, but the planet you occupy can still be built.